• Import and Export Documentation
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Scheduled or Freighter Aircraft
  • Customs Clearance, VAT & Duty
  • Packing, Labeling and Storage
  • Express Collection and Delivery
  • Cargo Insurance


As an Air Freight Forwarder, Speednet International LTD, understands the need for reliable operations. As a result we go above and beyond when it comes to providing the customer with quality, cost-effective, swift and efficient services.

What is Air (Freight) Forwarding?

Air freight forwarding is the process of organizing and planning the transport of freight from one point to another by air.


While freight forwarders don’t physically move your cargo, they do assist in every facet of your shipment, simplifying the process and taking on the burden of communicating between all of the people and moving parts that are typically involved.

An air freight forwarder specializes in moving freight by air on either passenger aircrafts or specially designed cargo aircrafts. This specialization enables them to better understand the intricacies of air freight, create a relationship with the governmental bodies, and, in many cases, provide better air rates.

Why Do You Need an  Air Freight Forwarder?

International air cargo is heavily regulated. As such, many opt for a freight forwarder who works exclusively with air shipments.

An international air freight forwarder can help you navigate through all key freight documents, insurance, customs, and any turbulence you encounter along the way.

An international air freight forwarder can also ensure that your goods are packed to fit the non-traditional shape of an aircraft and effectively optimize the space you pay for.

When choosing Speednet International LTD  to handle air freight, you will benefit from:

  • collection
  • delivery
  • packing
  • labeling
  • storage
  • insurance
  • transparency
  • constant updates

Choose Speednet Interantional LTD as your trusted Air Freight Forwarder for speed, efficiency and quality.

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