Speednet International LTD – The Freight Forwarder

Speednet International Limited was established in 2001 by its owners, to provide services in the field of International Transportation. Speednet has gained a good reputation as a result of its success in facilitating International Transport services.

The firm’s professional staff has over 25 years of experience and can offer a complete range of transport expertise in all aspects of land, sea and air transport, including customs clearance, storage, and distribution as well as consultancy.

The company provides the most qualified and competitive reciprocal transportation service through its network of suppliers. Most of the fleet is controlled by satellite system that enables us to inform our clients about the locations of their goods whenever inquired. Speednet offers fast and convenient solutions for the logistic needs to its customers with a complete range of transportation services, in the optimum time.

The experienced professional staff and with its international connections in transport industry, brings together all the services and skills required to provide a full range of innovative services dealing with operational and legal formalities.

Speednet International provides a complete logistics service to all its customers.